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Efficiency and Productivity are two key elements of the Continuous Improvement Equation that most successful businesses employ. At Alliance Software and Technology Systems, we utilize ICT to aid our clients in achieving their objectives in this regard.


Custom designed software or standard off-the shelf applications using web technologies, mobile applications, Point-of-Sale Terminals and Terminal Software are just some of the products and services in our portfolio that are employed to facilitate this improvement.


Our goal is to utilize the RIGHT software and technology to offer cost effective solutions and services that improve our client’s business processes and their overall customer experiences.

PetroCard Caribbean

PetroCard is the premiere pre-paid gas card that easily manages your fueling experience whilst earning unrestricted rewards. Currently deployed at Unipet Service Stations, this real-time facility is available to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from corporate fleets and executives with chauffeured drivers, to UWI students and parents, the individual national consumer, and expatriates. 

Accounting and Management System

Efficiently process sales and keep track of invoices with our hosted accounting and management system. This software offers a full fledged system to keep track of inventory, purchase orders, Sales quotes, outstanding invoices and even HR/ Payroll.


With the hosted environment you never have to worry about losing data, power outages and internet drops affecting access to your system from anywhere in the world!

Issue Tracking and Reporting System

A system designed for call centers or service oriented industries to ensure customer needs are meet in a timely fashion. This system also allows management to pull reports in real time on any web enabled device and analyze, issue statistics, to better determine which areas of their business needs to improve.

Inventory Management System

Quickly and easily keep track of your inventory in real-time with online reporting through our web based system, customized reports and anywhere access to fit your needs and optimizing your business. 

Work Flow Management

A system designed to keep track of work requests, orders etc. in real time. Customers can now view each job request at different stages of its process.
This allows customers to better inform their clients of the progress of their requests as well as providing a more efficient time frame for the billing of completed jobs.

Loyalty Based Programs

What to give back to your customers while generation repeat traffic?Then how about having your very own loyalty program!

Alliance Software and Technology Systems Limited has a wealth of knowledge in building loyalty programs such as Medicard, Magna Rewards, Wrap Works Loyalty and many more.

Point-Of-Sale System

Efficiently process sales and keep track of invoices with our hosted Point -Of-Sale system. This can be integrated with our inventory management system to create a full fledged system to keep track of inventory and when to re-order goods.

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