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Alliance Software and Technology Systems Limited (Alliance) has been in operation for eight (8) years as an independent Trinidad-based company having been incorporated in April 2012. Prior to April 2012, it existed for four (4) years under the name of Prism Technologies, a division of Prism Services Limited. Alliance was formed as an ALLIANCE of technology leaders, experts and partners strategically selected and aligned so as to deliver effective solutions geared towards improving productivity, efficiency, loyalty and revenues.


Alliance believes that businesses of today’s world seek not only solutions to their problems from their vendors, but relationships that foster mutual growth and development. Our name not only implies this belief, but we live it by our Creativity and Innovation, Flexibility, Customer-Centric Solutions, Reliable after-sales Support and Quick Response Time. These strengths become our primary focus and are critical to building long-lasting relationships. As a result,


Our Vision is:

To increase market share by being the primary provider of customized software solutions that meets the strategic needs of our customers.


Our Mission is:

To employ creativity, innovation and best practices to develop, deliver and support software products that are flexible and customer-centric and will enable enhanced operational efficiencies to the delight and satisfaction of our customers.

Alliance pays particular importance to the deployment methodologies and level of integration into the business processes by ensuring that they are properly documented and defined. Documented process amendments accompanied with training and on-going after-sales support guarantees the customer satisfaction that is crucial to our business.

Mr. Selvon Ramroop
Managing Director
Mr. Anton Springer
Technical Director
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